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The final Melbourne Cup field is declared on the Saturday night preceding the race - i.e. this year the 4th of November. The Live Sweep Generator© will be available for use from Sunday 5th November 2017.

The owners of The Sweep Generator© are not responsible for any monetary disputes arising from the running of any sweeps generated by this software. The Rules of the Sweep are the responsibility of the person running the sweep and any monetary dispute should be directed to that person.

Any complaint regarding the software or website running the Sweep Generator© programme can be forwarded to the Website Administrator at

Scratchings can and do occur before and after a sweep is generated - the sweep organiser is responsible for the rules regarding scratched horses. The Sweep Generator will still print the scratched horse's name and but no sweep entrant name will be allocated to it - if the scratching occurs after the generation of the sweep, it is up to the sweep organiser to decide if a refund is due to the drawer of the scratched horse or whether the drawer will forfeit their money. Normally a refund would be due if the horse was scratched before the sweep was generated.

After the race has been run, all access to The Sweep Generator© Website will be cancelled. Further races may be included in the future, however these will be notified at a later date.

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  • Donations will be greatly appreciated, but are not conditional on using this programme. All proceeds received go towards the upkeep of this website.
  • PayPal is the preferred payment option, however if you wish to pay by Bank Deposit details of the Bank Account will also be detailed in your confirmation email after registration, or by clicking on the Donate button on the Main Page.
  • You may trial The Sweep Generator using your login, but up until Sunday 5th November the programme will use the 2016 Melbourne Cup horses and so will not be useable for the 2017 Melbourne Cup Sweep.
  • From Sunday 5th November, all trial sweeps will be deleted and the Live Sweep Generator© will use the horses listed as starters in the 2017 Melbourne Cup.
  • All sweeps will be stored in a database and may be displayed at any time after you login.
  • Use The Sweep Generator as much as you like, either during the trial period or during the Live programme.